Serenity Fletcher – RM Newmarket

    Mar 3, 2022

    As some of you may know we are experiencing some major flooding.

    Just metres down the road so many of our neighbourhood, customers and local businesses lost everything. We along with a few other restaurants stopped trade for 2 days. After telling my TL group we decided to make a call to action, we weren’t going to throw food in the bin, or let it go to waste and we wanted to help however we could!

    Today we came in to cook over 300+ burgers to give out to those hungry, homeless and starting cleaning up from the events! Our local realestate came and helped drop off, and some other businesses threw in some food and helped us reach so many people!

    We were greeted with some muddy hugs, tears, laughter and so many happy faces to see some warm burgers!

    I haven’t never sensed so much community spirit, those doing it tough all wanted to stop for a picture, ask how they could help and offer us assistance feeding the masses!

    My little Newmarket team you make me so proud every day ❤️❤️❤️


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