Our Impact

    When like-minded people come together, the real magic happens.


    To us, sustainability is more than just taking care of our environment, it’s also about caring for our farmers, animals, employees and local communities.

    Our Planet

    Respecting Mother Earth is in our DNA. We’re always looking for new ways to do better by the environment, to help create a future we’re proud of.

    • Sustainable Packaging

      100% of the paper and cardboard for our takeaway packaging, knife sleeves and Mini Me kids packs is PEFC and FSC Certified. It comes from sustainably planted forests. For every tree cut down, another one gets planted in its place.

    • Straws Suck

      We’re plastic-straw free. This saves 1.6 million black plastic straws from going to landfill each year.

    • Green Energy

      The electrical energy in 62 restaurants is now 100% Green and sourced from renewable sources. We also use dimming systems, and energy meters in our restaurants allowing us to continually monitor and manage our energy usage.

    • Meat-Free Mondays

      In 2019 we kicked off the Meat-Free Monday movement to encourage guests to switch up meat for plant-based on Mondays.

    Our People

    Join a family that believes in fully supporting each other. Gain new skills, become a manager, get a diploma, own a restaurant — the sky’s the limit. Being yourself is HIGHLY advised, quirks and all.

    • Our Employees Love The Planet

      Our 4,417 employees participated in a survey and nominated “environmental impacts” as a cause closest to their hearts. We’re listening and taking action.

    • Growing Together

      We’re committed to supporting our team members and their own goals with 762 internal promotions in the last 6 months.

    • One Million Hours of Knowledge

      It feels good to know things. In the past year, we’ve delivered more than 1 million hours of learning with traineeship programs, leadership courses, and master classes.

      We’re learning how to be better; better people, better for the environment, better within our communities, and better to each other.

    Our Food

    Serving up delicious, healthy burgers is not a one man job. It takes really good ingredients and really passionate suppliers to achieve the taste we’re known for. Our burgers are 100% natural, made with zero artificial colours, flavours and preservatives^. Each burger is made to order, when you order and never before.

    • Recycled Cooking Oil

      Our oil has it good. It gets a second run when we turn it into biodiesel. In the past 12 months we’ve recycled 265,000 litres.

    • Quality Produce

      From farm to fingers, our beef and lamb are 100% Australian, grass-fed and free-range, so you can enjoy a natural and flavoursome taste. We like knowing where our meat comes from, and that’s Gippsland, Southern Tablelands, and Riverina.

    • Animal Welfare

      Our burger standards are high. So are our animal welfare standards. Our eggs are free-range, and our chicken is RSPCA Approved.

    When a Relish Member donates a burger through our 8 & Donate program, we donate 100% of that burger's cost to Vinnies.
    With your help we donate over 36,000 meals a year to those doing it tough in our cities.

    • We believe in giving our all to support the community. From sourcing ingredients from Australian farmers to helping our local communities grow with us through Local Matters.


    Every burger you make helps a local community group to keep doing what they love,and that’s what really counts.


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